Friday, 18 May 2012

Missionaries Prayer

Pray that your friends will feel at home in a new country, culture and climate.
Pray for their children, particularly if they are at school in a different country.
Pray for happy family times together, and for the children to love and serve the Lord.
Pray that they won’t resent being separated from their parents, and that the parents won’t
fret about their children.
Pray for elderly or frail parents back home and for those who support them. Ask that God
would look after them during your friends’ absence.
If the missionary is single, feelings of loneliness and isolation may creep in. Pray for
good, sustaining friendships, for holiday arrangements and time to relax and unwind.
Pray for your friends when it’s time to adjust back to life in their own country. Pray that
as they visit churches and supporters they would build strong links and renew
Pray for good relationships with national Christian leaders and with fellow workers, some
of whom may come from different cultures and countries.
Grasping the language takes time. Pray as your friends learn a new language, understand
its nuances and attempt to communicate. Pray against set backs and discouragement.
Pray for their language helpers; people with the courage to correct and advise, and who
will encourage your friends in their work.

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